A friend for all times

They say nothing is forever!

But some things and some people seem like they have been with you always. A friend you grew up with, a neighbourhood store you visited as a child and continued going to or a book that has always been around on this shelf or that. Difficult to imagine there was a time without them.

Here’s the one who has stayed with me for almost 15 years now.


The VIP Skybag was gifted to me by my sister and brother in law. It was an expensive gift for that time probably meant to match the occasion of my first overseas travel. I had recently moved to a company in Pune which after just one week decided to move me to Japan. I got a couple of days to visit Delhi, inform my family and get ready for the travel.

It was the beginning of a very special period of my life and this black beauty was with me then.

You can still see the marks left from a paper glued a bit too well to it. The paper had my India address in bold black letters, something I had seen people do supposedly to make it easier to identify your luggage or stop it from getting lost…somehow!

Well it didn’t stay on my bag for more than a couple of days…a bunch of Indian ladies pointing at my bag and laughing at the Narita baggage claim made sure I take it off the moment I got my bag. But the mark or is it a scar stays. We both were new my friend, I hope you have forgiven me by now.

Over the next 10~15 years I moved a lot. Different cities, different apartments, different times. But the Bag was always there. Sometimes dragged through on the Tokyo subway, sometimes in the boot of a taxi, sometimes under a bed and sometimes inside a closet. It was always there.

It has started showing some signs of ageing now. Is there a Lo’Real product for bags with dull zippers? I would be the first one to get it. Have often thought about replacing it with a newer shinier bag and in fact have bought a couple but nothing has been able to take its place. I can always get another bag but where will I find a bag that has known every place I have been to in my life? Who else knows where I am coming from and where I am heading to?

There will be a time when it will be retired for sure. But it wouldn’t be discarded. For its a part of me.



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